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GHRP-6 Basic Information

Product Name:  GHRP-6
CASNO.:  87616-84-0
Appearance: White or white crystalline powder
Molecular Formula:  C46H56N12O6
Molecular Weight: 873.014
Melt Point: N/A
Stocking Term: Refrigerator
Minimum Order Quantity:10 Gram
Payment Term: TT/Westunion/Moneygram
Delivery Time: Shipping time usually within 24 hours after confirming payment if no accidents

Growth hormone releasing peptide 6 (GHRP-6) (development code name SKF-110679), also known as somatotropin releasing hexapeptide, is one of several synthetic enkephalin analogs, including non-natural D-amino acids, for which The growth hormone releasing activity developed is also referred to as growth hormone secretagogue. They lack opioid activity but are potent stimulators of growth hormone (GH) release. These secretagogues differ from growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) because they do not share sequence relationships and gain their function by activating completely different receptors. This receptor was originally called the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR), but due to later discovery, the hormone ghrelin is now considered to be the natural endogenous ligand of the receptor, and it has been renamed as the growth Releases peptide receptors. Therefore, these GHSR agonists act as synthetic ghrelin mimetics.

GHRP-6 Usage

It has been found that when GHRP-6 and insulin are administered simultaneously, the GH response to GHRP-6 is increased. However, the consumption of carbohydrates and/or dietary fat around the administration window of GH secretagogue significantly inactivates GH release. A recent study in normal mice showed significant differences in body composition, muscle growth, glucose metabolism, memory and heart function in mice administered GHRP-6. There are still many problems with this fairly new compound, and scientists hope to gain a better clinical understanding of the peptide through further research in the coming years.

The role of GH secretagogues differs from that of exogenous rHGH mainly in that endogenous GH contains all five isoforms of growth hormone, whereas exogenous GH only contains 20 kilodalton isoforms. Different isomers affect tissues in a cautious manner that the 20 kDa isoform cannot. The administration of GH secretagogues results in a pulsed release of pituitary GH that is cleared from the body by GH within a few hours. This does not significantly increase plasma insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels.

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