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Boldenone Powder

Boldenone Powder

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Boldenone Powder Basic Information

Product Name:  Boldenone Powder;  
CASNO.: 846-48-0
Appearance: White Powder 
Molecular Formula: C19H26O2
Molecular Weight: 286.409
Melt Point: 164-166°C
Stocking Term: Refrigerator
Minimum Order Quantity:10 Gram
Payment Term: TT/Westunion/Moneygram
Delivery Time: Shipping time usually within 24 hours after confirming payment if no accidents 

Boldenone Powder Usage

Boldenone (developmental code name RU-18761), also known as Δ1-testosterone, is a naturally occurring anabolic androgenic steroid  and 1 (2)-dehydrotestosterone analogue. Boldenone itself has never been listed; as a drug, it is used as laurate undecenoate boldenone.

Like other s, boldenone is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR). Bronone's activity is mainly anabolic and has low androgenic potency. Boldenone increases nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increases appetite, and stimulates the release of erythropoietin from the kidney. Boldenone was synthesized to make metandienone for long-acting injections for androgen deficiency. The effect of Boldenone is similar to metandienone, with less adverse androgenic effects. Although usually compared to nandrolone, Bordenone lacks progesterone receptor interactions and related progestin side effects.

The effect of boldenone is very intuitive. As a body-tolerant steroid, it is safe for most users to increase anabolic activity in the body. Before using it as a performance enhancer, medical boldenone achieved some success. It was used to treat muscle loss and osteoporosis, but was eventually replaced by other steroids. As for veterinary boldenone, it is usually used to make it on the horse to increase lean body mass, partly because it can increase appetite. This is the reason why many athletes use the Boldenone, but everyone's response is not the same. Boldenone may be most effective for those who urgently need to increase caloric intake.

As a drug to increase muscle circulation during the offseason, the Brondanone can bring about an increase in lean body mass, but the effect is relatively slow and will lag behind other steroids. Drugs such as Deka Dole Bao Ling, Healing Dragon, or Dianbu Dian have a much better muscle-building effect; however, Healing Dragon and Dilibu often cause serious water problems. However, it has been reported that some athletes have a strong effect when they use it as an add-on drug instead of the steroids used during the offseason muscle cycle. Especially when loss of appetite is your problem, Boldenone can be particularly effective. So, in fact, the role of anabolic steroids is not just to increase muscle dimensions.

Another well-known property of the brand is that it can boost strength. Compared to increasing the dimension during the off-season to increase strength, it may be more effective when it is used to enhance the performance of athletes. However, the disadvantage is that it is detected for a long period of time after injection, and sometimes it can take up to five months. This becomes an obstacle for athletes to use it. But there is no doubt that Baodanke has excellent effects on the growth of power and the improvement of dimensions, and the user's ability to recover will also be improved.

Boldenone can also be used as a fat-reducing steroid drug. In fact, this is the most effective method of use. This anabolic steroid has an excellent effect on muscle retention. Regardless of whether or not you use steroids, you must ensure that the calories burned are greater than the calories you consume during the fat loss period. Unfortunately, the state of this calorie deficit is likely to result in muscle wastage. A reasonable diet can protect your muscles, but it only does so much. Without steroids, your muscles will definitely be consumed during the fat loss period. Boldenone can keep muscles to a maximum, and it can also adjust the body state very well. However, in the fat-loss cycle of most athletic bodybuilders, it is generally used as an early-stage drug. Normally, when the cycle is progressed to the latter half of the time, to avoid the side effects of estrogen, the use of bodinone will be stopped. Although the side effects of the hormone estrogen are not strong, it is generally safe at this stage to avoid any drugs that may have side effects in this area.

Boldenone Powder Dosage

The standard use of Boldan is approximately 200-400mg per week. Most male users showed a good tolerance for 400 mg weekly doses, which is the minimum dose they normally use for the use of Boldenone. However, the higher the dose, the higher the risk of side effects. Many people divide the weekly dose into 2-3 injections with fewer side effects. Some reports suggest that because of the long half-life of the Boldan, more frequent injections will make the side effects easier to control.

In addition to the dose, the period of use of the brand is at least eight weeks. This is common in fat-reducing cycles, where many users use 8-week-old boldanone in the fat-reducing cycle, and then use the other non-arylated drugs for subsequent discontinuation. During the offseason muscle increase cycle, eight weeks is still the least use cycle, but twelve weeks has proved to be more effective. No matter how it is used, the versatility of the Brondanone and its compatibility with other steroids are strong.

Boldenone Powder Warning

Boldenone is well tolerated by most male users, and many female users are well tolerated when using smaller doses. Boldenone is likely to cause side effects, but it is within the control of most adults. In order to better understand the side effects of Baodan ketone and how to control it, we have introduced the following categories.


Boldenone does not produce very severe aromatication, but this effect is still due to the intrinsic role of aromatic enzymes.

Excessive levels of estrogen can cause equine rashes, water, and high blood pressure (if the water is severe). However, the degree of arylation is low for the brand of Bordetone, so side effects are controllable for most male users. Keep in mind that when you use a higher dose, the degree of attention to side effects should also increase.

In order to control the side effects of boldanone, anti-fetal drugs are necessary. Although not all people need it, they are still prepared.

Anti-estrogen drugs include two, one is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, such as tamoxifen (tamoxifen); the other is an arylation inhibitor such as retinoic (anastrozole) aromatizer Proved to be the most effective, it can continue the aromatization process and keep the estrogen in the blood at a low level. Unfortunately, this drug causes a decrease in cholesterol levels in the body. If you are still using other aromatic hydrocarbons, the effect will be even worse. Although not as effective as selective estrogen modulators, it is sufficient for most male users. Although it does not directly inhibit aromatication, it can bind to the estrogen receptor so that the estrogen itself cannot be combined. Secondly, it can increase cholesterol levels because it can increase the metabolism of estrogen in the liver. Selective estrogen modulators should be your first choice if it can work well on your body.

b.Male hormones

Side effects of male hormones caused by boldenone include acne, hair loss, baldness in men, and growth in body hair. However, the double bonds between the carbon atoms of structure No. 2 greatly reduce the side effects of the male hormones of the Boldan ketone. Side effects are still possible, but they are largely dependent on each individual's genes, but for most are quite safe.

To deal with this type of side effect, we have to understand that it is due to the catabolism of 5-alpha reductase that the steroids ingested in the body. This metabolism will decompose the Brondanone into dioxosterone, which is much more powerful. However, the metabolic activity of dioxo testosterone has been proven to be very small in humans. You will find that it is not affected by 5-alpha reductase, especially when drugs such as finasteride are used to control the decrease of dioxosterone.

Due to the male hormone characteristics of the brand, females may cause symptoms of female masculinization. This includes body hair growth, thickening of the vocal cords, and increased clitoris. But in fact, due to the fact that the characteristics of male hormone of Baodan ketone are not strong, many women may not have these symptoms. However, due to the long duration of action of the brand, the use of blood pressure may be difficult to control, so other types of steroids may be a better choice. Everyone's sensitivity is not the same. Once female users begin to appear to be female-masculine, they should stop using them until the symptoms disappear. Otherwise, the harm caused may be irreversible.


Compared with other types of steroids (especially oral), it has much less cardiovascular side effects. However, it is true that the rate of the synthesis of cholesterol in cholesterol is really negative, especially in the inhibition of the secretion of HDL cholesterol. However, this is not a very extreme feature and most healthy adult users should be able to control it properly. Of course, your use of selective estrogen modulators in the circulation will lead to increased levels of lipids in the blood, which requires special attention when regulating cholesterol levels in the body.

When using bolbinone and any other anabolic steroids, users should pay close attention to the body's cholesterol levels and ensure that the indicators are healthy before starting use. It is very important for Baodan users to maintain a healthy cholesterol intake habit. Ensure that you receive adequate amounts of cholesterol and enough omega fatty acids. At the same time ensure adequate aerobic exercise.


Like all anabolic steroids, it also inhibits the secretion of testosterone in the body. In contrast, the Bolton is not the most potent steroid, but it does cause a significant drop in testosterone levels in the blood. Therefore, most male users should use exogenous testosterone at the same time when using boidenone. It does not matter what testosterone drug is used. It is important that you need them to ensure the body's overall testosterone levels. Too low levels of testosterone can cause a series of problems that ultimately have a great impact on the user's health. Of course if testosterone is the basic steroid in your circulation, don't worry about it. However, if it is not, you should ensure that you use the minimum dose of testosterone for replacement therapy, depending on your choice of testosterone.

After the use of the Brondanone is over and other exogenous steroid hormones are also left in your body, the body's own testosterone secretion will gradually recover. However, a recovery process after a cycle is still necessary. This recovery process will allow your testosterone levels to recover more quickly, although it will not return to your original level, but it is still necessary. A good recovery after the cycle will ensure that your testosterone levels will continue to function properly before gradually returning to normal. This will also speed up the secretion of testosterone, but overall it will take a few months. An important point in the recovery process is that your natural recovery process is based on the premise that the level of testosterone in the body is not too low and the body's thyroid axis is not seriously damaged. The user should resume the circulation after two weeks of the last steroid injection to ensure that the cycle is completed with the injection of boldanone. For many people, the use of human chorionic gonadotropin for ten days following the last injection of steroids is the best option, and it is also used in subsequent blood treatments. At the same time, many people will choose to use the boldenone at the beginning of the whole cycle, and use other steroids with smaller ester groups on the end of the cycle, which will accelerate the recovery process after the cycle.

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