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  • 17alpha-propionate 19608-29-8

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    17alpha-propionate 19608-29-8

    CB-03-1 basic information 1.English name:17alpha-propionate 2.Synonyms:CB-03-01 3.CAS:19608-29-8 4.Appearance: Solid powder 5.Purity: >98% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis) 6.Shipping Condition: Shipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This...Read More

  • (-)-Corey Lactone Benzoate 39746-00-4

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    (-)-Corey Lactone Benzoate 39746-00-4

    (-)-Corey Lactone Benzoate basic information 1.English name:(-)-Corey Lactone Benzoate 2.Synonyms:COREY'S LACTONE 3.CAS:39746-00-4 4.Appearance: white to yellow Solid powder 5.Purity: >96% (or refer to the Certificate of Analysis) 6.water:≤0.5% 7.Specific...Read More

  • Bimatoprost 155206-00-1

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    Bimatoprost 155206-00-1

    bimatoprost basic information English name:bimatoprost 2.Synonyms: Prostamide 3.CAS:155206-00-1 4.Appearance: White powder 5.Purity: 99% 6.Single impurities:0.2% 7.Total impurity:1.0% 8.Water :0.5% 9.Residue on ignition:0.1% bimatoprost function: Bimatoprost is a kind of high...Read More

  • 2-Chlorophenothiazine 92-39-7

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    2-Chlorophenothiazine 92-39-7

    2-Chlorophenothiazine basic information 1.English name:2-Chlorophenothiazine 2.Synonyms: 2-chloro-10h-phenothiazin 3.CAS:92-39-7 4.Appearance:Yellowish or silver-gray crystal 5.Purity: 98% 6.phenothiazine:0.5% 2-Chlorophenothiazine function: 2-Chlorophenothiazine...Read More

  • 2-Chloro-4-pyridinecarboxylic Acid 6313-54-8

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    2-Chloro-4-pyridinecarboxylic Acid 6313-54-8

    2-Chloroisonicotinic basic information 1.English name:2-Chlorophenothiazine 2.Synonyms: 2-Chloro-4-pyridinec 3.CAS:6313-54-8 4.Appearance:White or light yellow powder 5.Purity: 98% 2-Chloroisonicotinic function: 2-Chlorophenothiazine Intermediates, Chemical Intermediate...Read More

  • PERPHENAZINE 58-38-8

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    PERPHENAZINE 58-38-8

    Prochlorperazine basic information 1.English name:Prochlorperazine 2.Synonyms:Chloromeprazine 3.CAS:58-38-8 4.Appearance:clear and not more than light yellow 5.Purity: 98-102% 6.Melting point:94-100℃ 7.Residue on ignition:0.1% 8.loss on drying:0.5% Prochlorperazine function:...Read More

  • N,N-Diisopropylethylamine 7087-68-5

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    N,N-Diisopropylethylamine 7087-68-5

    Raw N,N-Diisopropylethylamine Skype: fwk2014 Whatsapp: +86 15871358773 Email: lling@51chemall.comRead More

  • 1,4-Butane Sultone 1633-83-6

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    1,4-Butane Sultone 1633-83-6

    1,4-Butane sultone basic information 1.English name:1,4-Butane sultone 2.Synonyms:butanesulfone 3.CAS:1633-83-6 4.Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid 5.water:0.5% 6.Purity: 99% 1,4-Butane sultone function: 1 , 4 - butanesulfonic acid lactone as an intermediate of medicine...Read More

  • 2-Chlorobenzonitrile 873-32-5

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    2-Chlorobenzonitrile 873-32-5

    2-Chlorobenzonitrile basic information 1.English name:2-Chlorobenzonitrile 2.Synonyms:2-Chlorobenzon 3.CAS:873-32-5 4.Appearance:White to pale yellow crystalline powder 5.water:0.5% 6.Purity: 99%-99.5% 2-Chlorobenzonitrile function: 2-Chlorobenzonitrile is an intermediate in...Read More

  • Piperonyl Butoxide 51-03-6

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    Piperonyl Butoxide 51-03-6

    Piperonyl butoxide basic information 1.English name:Piperonyl butoxide 2.Synonyms:PBO 3.CAS:51-03-6 4.Appearance:Yellow oil liquid 5.refractive index:1.497-1.512 6.Purity: 90%~95% Piperonyl butoxid function: Synergistic ethers can improve the insecticidal activity of...Read More

  • Ethoxyquin 91-53-2

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    Ethoxyquin 91-53-2

    Ethoxyquin basic information 1.English name:Ethoxyquin 2.Synonyms:Ethoxyl quinoline 3.CAS:91-53-2 4.Appearance:White to pale yellow crystalline powder 5.water:0.5% 6.Purity: 99%-99.5% Ethoxyquin function: Ethoxy quinoline is one of the excellent feed antioxidants, and is the...Read More

  • Estriol 53866-32-3

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    Estriol 53866-32-3

    Estriol basic information 1.English name:Estriol 2.Synonyms:Orestin 3.CAS:50-27-1 4.Appearance: White powder 5.melting point:280-282℃ 6.Purity: 99%-99.5% Estriol function: Female three alcohol can be used to treat the symptoms and diseases caused by the lack of estrogen....Read More

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