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US Pharmaceutical Company Gift Ban Temporarily Cuts Off
Jan 18, 2019

Last year’s ban on “gifts” of Philadelphia pharmaceutical companies was proposed by a member of the city. If the proposal is passed, it basically declares that it is illegal for pharmaceutical companies to sponsor food and beverage banquets and other conferences in Philadelphia. Medical representatives must be in accordance with the law in the local health department. Register and register your identity when conducting promotional activities.


According to US media reports at the time, once the proposal was implemented, the affected parties were not only in pharmaceutical companies, but also in local venues, hotels, restaurants, doctors' organizations and other institutions in Philadelphia. In the past, some states that have implemented such restrictions are serving. After the industry caused the riots, they have been withdrawn or recently proposed to withdraw these restrictions.


Philadelphia is now experiencing this situation. According to foreign media reports, the proposal was withdrawn when Philadelphia first reviewed the bill because the business environment of the city was not affected, and the pharmaceutical and medical industry said it would take the future. The withdrawal of the academic conference from the area has had a major impact on the local hotel and catering industry, as well as criticism from the pharmaceutical and medical associations, conferences and hotel associations.


Local conference and hotel industry leaders said the legislation would hurt future investment in life science-related projects in the city, and some people pointed out that Philadelphia already has $1.2 billion in life science-related business income, including those in local convention centers and In the hotel, discarding this income will cause many managers and workers to lose their jobs. For example, a restaurant owner said that once the bill is passed, the restaurant will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, which may be borne by innocent hourly workers.


A person in charge of the Pennsylvania Life Sciences Industry Trade Association said that the proposal did not know how to draft it, and there was no consultation with the life sciences community. This regulation may hinder the connection between Philadelphia researchers, scientists and medical institutions. It has a negative impact on Philadelphia's status as a life science industry center, and most importantly, it may have unintended consequences for patients...


At the same time, the person in charge said that the moderate dietary restrictions in the proposal are even more absurd. He believes that doctors will not violate the professional vows and rely on over-prescription to exchange coffee or bagels from a pharmaceutical company.


The Executive Director of the Philadelphia Medical Association said that at the professional level, the law does not trust doctors. He first assumed that doctors lacked judgment, ethics, values, and ethical guidelines, and could not make medical decisions based on medical and patient conditions.


Of course, there are also individuals who support the bill. The reason is related to the well-known American people's boycott of opioid abuse. This is also the main driving force of this proposal. The local government tries to prevent the abuse of opioids by regulating the marketing behavior of pharmaceutical companies.


However, the business environment of the entire city is much more important than the opioid crisis. This is the main reason for the withdrawal of the bill, but it may only be temporary. It is said that all parties are still in dialogue and should balance the interests of many parties. To find a suitable solution, it is possible to raise this issue again at the new meeting at the end of this month and discuss it.

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