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US Government Shuts Down FDA Official Announcement: Most Jobs Will Be Suspended
Dec 27, 2018

In short, the FDA has no money, and the work can't be done.


The reason for this is that it has a direct relationship with the recent US government shutdown. According to the news, the US government failed to reach an agreement on the funding of the Trump border wall plan by the US Congress and the White House. The US government partially closed at 00:01 am local time on the 22nd.


This is not the first time the US government has stopped. In accordance with established practice, if the budget is not passed, the government will close some institutions and temporarily stop providing "non-essential services." These departments and institutions will temporarily lose funds, and even relevant government employees will be suspended from paying wages. Cutting costs. As for the time of the lockout, it is not the same every time. The shortest one in history is one day, and the longest is 21 days.


Obviously, the US government stopped, and the FDA followed the mold. According to information released by the FDA's official website, “The FDA plays a key role in public health. All work is important, but due to the funding of the 2019 fiscal year, only part of the work can continue during the shortage of funds.”


“During the transition period, the FDA will continue to carry out some key activities to the extent permitted by law to ensure public health and safety in the United States, such as monitoring and responding quickly to foodborne diseases and influenza-related outbreaks, in the event of product crisis consumers. Support high-risk food and medical product recalls, etc."


At the same time, routine inspections of pharmaceutical and food plants will be forced to stop.


In fact, this is not the first time the FDA has been affected by the US government's lockout, which has forced normal functions to be suspended. The lockout in January 2018 has had a greater impact on US health agencies. For example, most of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget is used to support research by national researchers and clinicians in the United States, but in January 2018. Affected by the lockout, its clinical center announced that new patients would not be included except for critically ill patients. Pubmed, its important platform, has many problems such as data update delay and business processing delay. Government health agencies, including CDC and FDA, have had to take 40%-50% of their employees on vacation because of the last lockout. Some projects such as influenza surveillance programs and new drug approvals have to be temporarily suspended.


But fortunately, this situation will not be a long-term behavior. As the US government shuts down, the FDA's functionality will gradually recover.

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