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US 490 Prescription Drug Price Increases
Jan 15, 2019

On the day when Johnson & Johnson announced the price increase, members of the Democratic Party of the United States had just submitted a proposal to lower the price of prescription drugs for American consumers.


Johnson said that the 2019 average price of all drugs sold was up 4.2% from 2018, but the net price actually fell. Because companies usually negotiate with the payer to determine a reimbursement compensation or discount to expand patient coverage. Johnson & Johnson also said that in 2019, the price of other drugs will not be raised any more.


US drug prices started in 2019 with a general increase. As of January 2, more than 250 prescription drugs in the United States have announced price increases. As of January 10, nearly 490 prescription drugs announced price increases, including Sanofi's insulin price increase of 4.4% to 5.2%, and Novo Nordisk's insulin price increase of 4.9%.


Sanofi said its price increase is lower than the US medical insurance and Medicaid service center medical inflation forecast, and the net drug price is expected to decrease in 2019. Novo Nordisk said the price increase was to compensate for discounts or refunds to insurers and pharmacy welfare agencies.


In fact, under the pressure of lawyers and President Trump, the price increase of US prescription drugs in 2019 is weaker than in 2018. In the first 10 days after the 2018 opening year, a total of 650 prescription drugs in the United States announced price increases.


The United States is a pharmaceutical market that allows pharmaceutical companies to price themselves. The price of US medicines is usually higher than other countries that control drug prices through direct or indirect means. The US Department of Health and Human Services has issued a policy of expecting to lower the price of medicines, hoping that patients can enjoy more discounts negotiated between medical insurance payers and companies.

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