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NASA Warning: A Record Low Temperature Is Coming!
Nov 20, 2018

One scientist warned that sunspot activity has fallen so much that a record low temperature will soon appear. Martin Mlynczak of the NASA Langley Research Center also said: "We have seen a trend of cooling."

Specifically, at the edge of the atmosphere above the Earth's surface, the atmosphere is losing heat because of the weakening of sunspot activity, which NASA says may disrupt communication and navigation, and even cause space junk to be unprocessable.

NASA's satellites detect a decrease in infrared radiation at the surface of the atmosphere, which means that the top of the atmosphere is cooling, which causes the radius of the atmosphere to become smaller. It also means that the natural decay of space debris is delayed, resulting in the Earth's near-Earth orbit. The environment is more confusing.

"We detected 33 billion watts of infrared radiation power, which is 10 times smaller than the solar active period," NASA said.

This may mean that the Earth is about to enter the second "Munde Minimal Period" in history (known as the small ice age of the Ming Dynasty).

The minimum period of Mond was a period of very weak solar activity from 1645 to 1715 AD. It lasted for 70 years. At this time, it happened to be the small ice age of the earth. Scientists suspected that the inactivity of the sun led to the arrival of the ice age, but Whether the two are related is still inconclusive.

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