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Illegal Promotion, Substantial Layoffs! Bayer Is Deeply Involved In Public Opinion Disputes
Dec 27, 2018

Re-constrained "super-indication promotion"?


In combination with keywords such as "Military Hospital" and "First Medical Center", the industry judges that the hospital is the People's Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital), and its hospital headquarters is the first medical center. For the reasons and varieties involved in the violation, the "Pharmaceutical Economics" attempted to contact Bayer, but as of press time, no official reply has been received.


However, as early as 2012, Bayer's heavy star drug “Xarelto” was once caught in the paradox of “business interests driving super-indication promotion”. At that time, it was signed as “Vascular Surgery of Oriental Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University (Weibo) Zhang Qiang, the director, declared that Bayer's thromboprophylaxis drug “Xarelto” was suspected of being promoted in Hua Chao's indications, and pointed out that the drug sold far more in Europe than in Europe, and quickly eroded the domestic “warfarin” market.


This incident led to the medical insider of "super-indication medication" being completely opened in China. Subsequently, Bayer officials clarified the concern of public opinion: the company strictly abides by Chinese laws and regulations and expressly prohibits marketing activities for super-indications. At the same time, the official claimed: "The company can not deliberately violate the law and company regulations for the promotion of super-indications, but the doctor's personal behavior supervision is very difficult."


However, whether it is a local pharmaceutical company or a multinational pharmaceutical company, the “super-indication promotion” behavior is an open secret of the pharmaceutical industry. More people in the industry have publicly commented: “The problem of super-indications is not going to be caused by it.” This is a very important factor."


In fact, multinational pharmaceutical companies are the hardest hit areas for super-indications. Multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Pfizer, and Eli Lilly have all precedents for high fines imposed by the regulatory authorities for over-indications. Regarding the specific reasons for this violation, the Medical Economics Journal is closely monitoring the developments.


Massive layoffs caused controversy


The house leaks are in full swing, and as the old German pharmaceutical giant, Bayer’s recent development difficulties are controversial.


Not long ago, Bayer issued a statement, plans to lay off 12,000 people by the end of 2021, and further plans to promote portfolio measures next year, intending to withdraw from the animal health business and its Coppertone sun care and Dr. Scholl foot care products business.


“Large layoffs” and “selling assets” all reflect the tremendous pressure on Bayer’s transformation process. According to overseas media, after the acquisition of Monsanto, 118,000 Bayer employees in the world will lay off 12,000 jobs, more than one-third of which are from the company's crop science department, while "company functions, support functions, business services and 5,500 to 6,000 jobs in the National Platform will disappear. In addition, Bayer's drug research and development department will cut about 900 jobs, and the consumer health department will cut 1,100 jobs.


Since the beginning of this year, Bayer’s life has not been better, and its company’s share price has fallen by nearly a third, partly because the safety of the acquired Monsanto herbicide product Roundup (glyphosate) has been questioned and the company is facing 2.89. Billion dollars claim. Bayer's third-quarter earnings report showed that the company's animal health business sales also declined in the third quarter of 2018, especially in North America.


At present, Bayer's prescription drug business bears a major source of profit, and sales of key business prescription drugs continue to increase compared to the second quarter, thanks to oral anticoagulant Xarelto ®, ophthalmic drug Eylea, anticancer drug Xofigo and Baiwango As well as the treatment of pulmonary hypertension drug Adempas reached a total growth rate of 15.7%, the diabetes treatment drug Bai Tangping also grew strongly.


However, in the face of overall transformational pressure, Bayer employees are clearly unable to accept the results of the company's layoffs. On December 5th, a “yellow vest” campaign broke out in Wuppertal, a small town in western Germany, which included more than 1,000 Bayer employees who were about to face unemployment.

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