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Haier Group's 1.829 Billion Yuan Holding Starpaste Medical Division Officially Entered The Medical Device
Jan 31, 2019

A-share listed medical equipment company Xingpu Medical Department recently announced that the company received the controlling shareholder, the actual controller Ye Yunshou and the major shareholders Liu Yuejun, Ma Lin, Liu Tianqi and Xu Tao on January 21, the above five people have been with Qingdao Yingkang Medical Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yingkang Investment) signed the relevant equity transfer agreement.


It is reported that the above shareholders intend to transfer the company's total of 159 million shares to Yingkang Investment, accounting for 29% of the company's total share capital. If the transaction is finally completed, Yingkang Investment will become the controlling shareholder of the company. On the evening of the 23rd, Xingpu Medical Branch issued an equity change report on the equity transfer.


Yingkang Investment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingkang Shuangsheng (Chongqing) Technology Co., Ltd., an indirect holding company of Haier Group. The actual controller is Haier Group.


As early as August 10, 2018, Xingpu Medical Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Haier Group (Qingdao) Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haier Financial), which was said to be in medical services, hospital management, and capital. Cooperation in the field.


Haier Group's 1.829 billion yuan is planned to enter the main star medical department


Xingpu Medical's equity transfer announcement stated that Yingkang Investment intends to purchase approximately 159 million shares of Xingpu Medical at a price of RMB 11.5 per share. According to estimates, the transaction amounted to approximately RMB 1.829 billion. After the completion of the transaction, Haier Group will become the actual controller of Xingpu Medical, and the company's share capital of Xingpu Medical's original controller Ye Yunshou will drop to 11.06%.


According to public information, Xingpu Medical was established in 1998 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 2010. The company's business is mainly divided into medical device segment and medical service segment. At present, the main business of Xingpu Medical is: the development, production and sales of head and body gamma knife, and the operation of oncology hospital.


Among them, the main business of the medical device segment is research and development, production and sales of Masip digital radiotherapy equipment, Marsip Gamma Knife and other large medical equipment; medical software development. In the medical service sector, the company mainly focuses on cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, builds a network of oncology services, establishes an offline medical service system for oncology hospitals, and builds a tumor radiotherapy service platform.


Previously, as the "first edible mushroom", Xingpu Medical has been fully transformed into a medical device manufacturer and medical service provider with tumor therapy as its core.


According to the financial report of Xingpu Medical, the company's edible fungus business accounted for 56.17% of its operating revenue in 2016, medical devices accounted for 43.83% of its operating income, and its annual operating income was 432 million yuan. However, with the divestiture of the traditional edible fungus business, Xingpu Medical's revenue of RMB 320 million in 2017 is entirely composed of medical devices and medical services. In this year, the company also completed the transfer of 100% equity of Zhongwei Hospital and acquired 75% equity of Friendship Hospital, thereby achieving a comprehensive transformation into the medical and health field.


In the first half of 2018, the revenue of Xingpu Medical Medical Devices segment decreased by 35.47% year-on-year, with a revenue of 5,198.7 million yuan. However, due to the merger of the newly added subsidiary company Youfang Hospital and Friendship Hospital, the income of medical service module increased by 311.61% year-on-year. At the same time, after 2018, the net profit pressure of Xingpu Medical Branch further increased. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the first half of 2018 decreased by 43.88% year-on-year, and decreased by 46.21% in the first three quarters.


Or cooperate in the high-end medical field


Yingkang Investment, which was signed with Xingpu Medical, was established on December 20, 2018, only one month ago. According to Tianyue, at present, in addition to Xingpu Medical, Yingkang Investment has not completed investment projects.


In recent years, Haier Group has been continuously deployed in the field of biomedical health through its Haier Financial Control. For example, Yingkang Nursing Home, Nursing Home and Yongci Rehabilitation Hospital have been deployed in Shanghai.


Obviously, the Haier Group's internal efforts in the medical community are similar to those of the Star Medical Department with several cancer hospitals.


Xingpu Medical Branch stated in the announcement of the equity change that the business philosophy of the transferee Yingyingkang Investment Co., Ltd. is in line with the company's development strategy of “providing high-end radiotherapy equipment and quality medical services”, indicating that after the completion of the equity change agreement, the company will take advantage of shareholders. Further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness around strategic goals.

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