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Fujifilm Will Invest About 10 Billion Yen In Its Biopharmaceutical Business
Jan 22, 2019

Due to the small side effects and significant efficacy of biopharmaceuticals, the proportion in the pharmaceutical market has increased. More than half of the top 10 drugs in sales are biopharmaceuticals. In the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, processes such as biopharmaceutical culture and microbial culture to produce crude drugs and purification require very high-end production technology and equipment support. Therefore, many pharmaceutical companies, bio-ventivators and other companies are willing to entrust them worldwide. CDMO with superior technology and equipment for process development or manufacturing. Overall, the biopharmaceutical R&D and commissioned production market is expected to grow by 8% annually.


With FDB as its core strength, Fujifilm continues to promote R&D and commissioned production. During this period, FDB actively invested in equipment at the bases of the US and the UK, and enhanced the R&D capabilities and manufacturing facilities of biopharmaceutical production processes. Among them, at the Texas base in the United States, the new production building was put into operation in January 2018. The research and development platform for antibody drugs and the Saturn mAbTM platform were put into use. The platform can promote the development process from the R&D to the whole process. A series of work processes, such as manufacturing verification drugs and commercial production of drugs, are expected to enhance the ability of R&D and commissioned production services.


In order to further develop the business, Fujifilm Co., Ltd. decided to invest in equipment worth about 10 billion yen. As a first step, FDB will first be enhanced in biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities at its base in North Carolina, USA. At present, the North Carolina base maintains animal cell culture and microbial culture manufacturing equipment, and is committed to providing customers with R&D and commissioned production services that can develop biopharmaceutical production processes, manufacturing verification drugs, and commercial production drugs according to their needs. In the future, as the market expands, in order to better meet the increasing demand for entrustment and the increase in production demand from customers, in addition to the additional flexible and 2,000-litre animal cell culture tank, it will also be used in animal cells and microbial culture. The equipment for purifying biopharmaceuticals with high purity used in the subsequent purification process is greatly improved. Through the above measures, the biopharmaceutical production capacity of the base is about 25% higher in animal cell culture and about 50% higher in microbial culture than in the present.


In response to the growth of the company's new CDMO business in March 2017, Fujifilm plans to increase its sales of equipment and promote high-efficiency and high-productive technology research and development. It plans to achieve the sales target of 100 billion yen for the bio-CDMO business in 2023. The supply of high-quality drugs makes its own contribution to the further development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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