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Breast Cancer Innovative Targeted Drugs Approved For Listing China's Breast Cancer Treatment Into The Dual-target Era
Dec 20, 2018

According to reports, at present, this innovative treatment program has been recommended in many guidelines and expert consensus in China and internationally. Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in Chinese women. It ranks first in the incidence of female malignant tumors and is the "first killer" of women's health.


Professor Ren Guosheng, director of the Breast Cancer Professional Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, said that breast cancer is divided into four different subtypes. Among them, HER2-positive breast cancer accounts for about 20%-25% of all breast cancer cases, and it has tumor cell malignancy. Higher, faster disease progression, more prone to metastasis and recurrence, was once called "the most dangerous breast cancer."


With the advent of the anti-HER2 breast cancer targeting drug Herceptin, the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer has made significant progress in the past 20 years, and 3/4 of the early HER2-positive breast cancer patients have achieved clinical cure. However, in early HER2-positive breast cancer patients, 25% of patients still have recurrence after anti-HER2 treatment.


As early as 1987, Roche's Genentech developed a 4D5 monoclonal antibody (later named Herceptin) that inhibits HER2 expression, and also found another monoclonal antibody called 2C4 that also inhibits HER2. Expression (later named Paget). In the following ten years, after many failures and unremitting studies, scientists finally found that Herceptin and Patrice have different mechanisms of action, which can be combined with different regions of the HER2 gene to fully block the HER2 expression pathway, and further Enhance the patient's own immune system to clear tumor cells and effectively reduce tumor burden.


Professor Shao Zhimin, director of the Institute of Cancer Research at Fudan University and director of the Breast Cancer Research Institute, said that the combination of dual targets, synergistically synergistically and adequately block the HER2 signaling pathway, curbs tumor cell growth at the source and further reduces the risk of recurrence of HER2-positive breast cancer. . The trial clinical trial showed that the combination of PJT + Herceptin combined with chemotherapy can reduce the risk of recurrence or death in the overall patient population in China by 31%.

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