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A Number Of Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies Suspected Of Containing Cyanide Containing Poisonous Letters Extortion
Jan 30, 2019

The police said that the letters contained white powder suspected of poisonous cyanide and A4 size paper. The paper said, "I will make fake medicine containing potassium cyanide and circulate it in the market. Before February 22, the value will be 3,500. Ten thousand yuan (about 210,000 yuan) of bitcoin is sent over. Otherwise, there will be tragedies happening and so on.


The postmarks of these letters are all in Tokyo, and the senders are different, including the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo original master Asahara Akira and the names of people associated with the Kansai triad. The address includes the Tokyo Metropolitan Detention Center and the prison.


The police inferred that this was an intimidation attempt and was conducting an investigation. A source involved in the survey said that a pharmaceutical company in Osaka received a similar letter.


According to the police, many drug companies in Tokyo received similar threatening letters in January last year. The police are investigating whether there is any correlation between these incidents.

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