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Protect your hair, plant a dozen yuan
Jan 09, 2019

"After the 90s" has always been considered a young and energetic group, but the reporter found that such as the "90s" who are nearly 30 years old this year have joined the army of hair loss. Studies have shown that "post-90s" has accounted for about 36% of all hair loss people, mental stress, working overtime, or night, or become the culprit of the "post-90s" into "uncle".


“How do I feel that my hairline has moved up again?” Xu Tong (pseudonym), 26, is a programmer in the IT industry. Although the income is good, the hair that looks at the sparse in the mirror is always frowning. Exhibition, hair loss became his heart disease.


Xu Tong is not a case. The China Association for Health Promotion and Education has published a “Alopecia Survey” in 2016. The results show that 50% of adult men suffer from hair loss. In recent years, the trend of hair loss is becoming more and more obvious. The survey shows that among the hair loss groups, the majority is between 20 and 40 years old, and the fastest development is around 30 years old. At the same time, in order to get rid of the distress caused by severe hair loss to young people, hair transplant has become a new choice.


Zhu Shengyang has been engaged in the hair transplant industry for more than ten years. He said that although there is no exact data, the overall feeling is that most of the patients who used to find him were 40 years old, and now most of them are around 30 years old. The younger you are, there are even some college students."


Ms. Ge, who is also engaged in the hair transplant industry, also found that in the past two or three years, the “post-90s” that came to the clinic have increased significantly, and young people can account for about 15%-20%. “At least until the age of 30, hair loss began. Now Some people lose their hair in their 20s."


In the hair loss group, programmers are the hardest hit areas, while high-education personnel, media industry, and financial industry are also serious occupational groups.


As a programmer, Xu Tong also said that it is common for him to work overtime until 10 o'clock in the evening, sometimes even until 1 o'clock in the morning. Zhu Shengyang said that the cause of hair loss has not changed, and the youthfulness of hair loss is related to the incentives such as staying up late, working pressure, and irregular diet. "Previously, I was admitted to a college student in a certain university in the province. The situation of hair loss is getting worse in a year, so come to me for hair transplant."


Mild hair loss can be recovered


More than 80% survival rate


Wang Dajian, director of the medical department of Jinan City Dermatology Prevention and Treatment Institute, introduced alopecia areata and seborrheic alopecia. Alopecia areata is a partial hair loss, which is mainly related to mental stress. Sudden stimulation or mental stress may lead to alopecia areata. The specific reasons are not clear. Seborrheic alopecia is what we often call baldness, mainly related to the secretion of androgen. "The most important factor of seborrheic alopecia is heredity, but it is also related to mental stress, staying up late, eating habits, etc." Wang Dajian said that in recent years, there have been more and more patients with hair loss in outpatient clinics, and young people have begun to increase. It is related to the fast-paced work stress and intensity of young people. In addition, the unreasonable application of shampoo and dyeing too often may also be the cause, and the specific cause of hair loss varies from person to person.


For the hair loss problem that is often ridiculed, Wang Dajian said that not all hair loss is hair loss, for more than 3 consecutive days, and more than 100 hair loss per day is suspected to be hair loss. "If this happens, it is best to go to a professional hospital for examination. In the early mild hair loss, you can use ginger to beat the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair loss." Wang Dajian said.


"For mild hair loss, it can be recovered by drugs. We recommend medication. If the hair follicles have shrunk, they need to be implanted." However, not everyone is suitable for hair transplant. Wang Dajian introduced that patients should be evaluated before implanting. The hair loss level, hair follicle density, etc. are tested and calculated to meet the hair transplant requirements.


Wang Dajian said that the current survival rate of hair transplant is generally around 80%-95%. Hair transplantation is carried out by transplanting hair follicles from other parts of the scalp to the hair loss area. Now, it is basically a single hair follicle transplant, and one hand implant is 10-20 yuan. Only professional organizations with skin cosmetic and plastic qualifications are eligible for hair transplant. The hair transplant effect is related to the doctor's experience. If improperly handled, the hair follicle may die, resulting in less hair.


What effect does hair transplant have on the body? It is understood that hair transplant has no effect on the human body in the long run, but in the short term, the patient may have edema (can be regressed in a week or so), blood stasis (can be stopped in about three days), and some patients may have numbness in the scalp. It can be restored in about 3 months.


10 to 16 yuan per hair follicle


Related to planting techniques


Zhu Shengyang also said that mild hair loss can be treated with drugs, but patients with severe hair loss are mainly treated with hair loss. “The hair transplanting institution should be a professional institution with plastic and cosmetic qualifications. The doctor needs to have a cosmetic attending doctor's card. If the hair transplant is improperly operated, the survival rate will be low and the hair follicles will be wasted. The hair transplant effect is also related to the customer's personal physique, not everyone is suitable. Hair transplant. If some patients have a particularly large area of hair loss, the amount of hair follicles is too small, and the hair growth effect may not be too good." Zhu Shengyang said.


For the cost, the price of hair transplant is now 10-16 yuan per hair follicle, which is related to planting technology. "Stem cell culture technology is to take out a small number of hair follicles for cloning and culture, which will be the development direction of future treatment of hair loss." Zhu Shengyang introduced.


Wang Dajian believes that the prevention of hair loss can be done in the front, in the daily life can eat more foods containing iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B and other elements, such as seaweed, spinach, eggs and so on. The law of life, less staying up late, and relaxing in spirit. The number of shampoos in a week is 2-3 times. It should not be too much or too little. According to the personal hair condition, I feel the hair is washed out. Use a mild shampoo, do not use too much alkaline, use a proper amount of hair conditioner, and wash it thoroughly when washing. Do not dye or burn more than twice a year.

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