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Nov 19, 2018
Forbes released the top 20 predictions for the 2019 healthcare industry
Medical Network November 17th Recently, Forbes released a report entitled "2019 Eight Health Care Forecast", the arterial network compiled the main content of the report for you:   On a global scale, 2019 medical services will be a value-oriented year, as the focus of our “Results-Based Healthcare” is globalization. This will lead to a more mature risk sharing between healthcare providers, drug discovery organizations, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), bringing business value to the provider. In addition, access to affordable quality care will be the main political agenda for the upcoming 2019 elections in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.   As the boundaries between the retail, IT and healthcare industries become increasingly blurred, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) and Baidu, Ali Health, and Tencent (BAT) will begin to dominate the personal care market in the East during 2019. . Non-traditional digital market providers such as Ali Health, Tencent, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM will dominate the home health sector, providing the public health system with the necessary impetus to ensure access and affordability of care. . We also anticipate that future investment in pharmaceutical and equipment research and development will more specifically meet the unique needs of emerging markets in Asia. Finally, we predict that 2019 will be a realistic test of the two most popular healthcare technologies of the decade—artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.
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