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Lutein Basic Information

Product Name: Lutein crystals 80%, 90%; Lutein dry powder 0.5% / 1% CWS; Lutein microparticles 5%/10% TAB-S/5% CWS-S; Lutein suspension 10%/20%
CASNO.: 127-40-2
Molecular Formula: C40H56O2
Molecular Weight: 568.871
Melt Point: 183℃
Stocking Term: Placed in a cool dry place
Minimum Order Quantity:1000 Gram
Payment Term: TT/Westunion/Moneygram
Delivery Time: Shipping time usually within 24 hours after confirming payment if no accidents

Lutein, alias carotenoids, carotenol, plant lutein, nucleus corpus luteum, marigold and plant lutein, the English name is Lutein, the molecular formula is C40H56O2, the relative molecular weight is 568.85. Orange-yellow powder, slurried or liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as hexane.

Generally found in green leafy vegetables. Lutein itself is an antioxidant and absorbs harmful light such as blue light.

Coexisting with zeaxanthin in nature is the main component of plant pigments such as corn, vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. It is contained in the chloroplast of leaves, which can transmit absorbed light energy to chlorophyll a, presumably to photooxidation and light. Destruction has a protective effect. It is also the main pigment that constitutes the macular area of the human eye.

Lutein is a nutrient that can be absorbed by humans when they eat fruits and vegetables daily, but the absorption and utilization rate is generally low. If lutein is lacking, take supplements. If you have an older digestive system, you can use a sublingual spray to supplement lutein. As early as 1996, lutein has been added as a dietary supplement. In addition, excessive intake of lutein can cause an extra burden on the liver. The recommended daily dose is approximately 12 mg.

Lutein Series

Product Name





Lutein crystals 80%, 90%



(5 kg × 4) / carton

Not directly applied to food

Lutein dry powder 0.5% / 1% CWS

Dry powder, cold water soluble


(1 kg × 10) / carton

Coloration and nutritional fortification of water-based foods, instant   foods, puddings, confectionery and dairy products. Hue: yellow

Lutein microparticles 5%/10% TAB-S/5% CWS-S

Microparticles, cold water soluble


(5 kg × 4) / carton

Coloration and fortification of beverages and foods, also for tablets and   hard capsules

Lutein suspension 10% / 20%

Microparticle, tablet grade


(5 kg × 4) / carton

Coloration and nutrient strengthening of oil-based foods, such as butter,   cooking oil, salad, etc., also suitable for soft capsules


Lutein Source

Lutein is mainly found in vegetables. Although it is a carotenoid, carrot is not the best food source of lutein. The darker the color, the higher the content of lutein. Such as kale, green broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green lettuce, etc., are rich in lutein. Egg yolk is also a good lutein provider.

Lutein Usage

Lutein is a natural substance widely found in vegetables, flowers, fruits and other plants. It belongs to the "carrot-like" group of substances. It is known that there are more than 600 carotenoids in nature, of which only about 20 are present in In human blood and tissue. The carotenoids found in the human body mainly include α-carotene, β-carrot, cryptoxanthin, lutein, lycopene and n-flavin. Medical experiments have shown that natural lutein contained in plants is an excellent antioxidant. Adding a certain amount of lutein to food can prevent cell aging and body organ aging, and also prevent senile ocular retinal macular degeneration. Caused by decreased vision and blindness, through a series of medical studies, carotenoids have been suggested as a cancer preventive, life extension, ulcer-resistant preparation, heart attack and coronary artery disease. At the same time, lutein can also be used as a feed additive for the coloration of poultry meat and eggs, and has also been used as a coloring and nutrient health supplement in the food industry.

Lutein is an important antioxidant, a member of the carotenoid family (a natural fat-soluble pigment found in a group of plants), also known as "plant lutein", which coexists with zeaxanthin in nature. .

(1) The main pigment components of the retina: Lutein and zeaxanthin constitute the main components of vegetable pigments such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc., and are also the main pigments in the macular area of the human eye. Human eyes contain high amounts of lutein, which is not made by the human body and must be supplemented by the intake of lutein. If this element is absent, the eye will be blind;

(2) Protect the eyes from light damage, delay the aging of the eyes and prevent the lesions: UV rays and blue light entering the eyes in the sun will produce a lot of free radicals, leading to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. Ultraviolet light can generally be filtered by the cornea and lens, but blue light can penetrate the eyeball directly to the retina and the macula. The lutein in the macula can filter out the blue light and avoid the damage of the blue light to the eye. The outer layer of fat in the macula is particularly susceptible to oxidation by sunlight, so this area is highly susceptible to degradation;

(3) Anti-oxidation, which helps prevent cardiovascular cirrhosis, coronary heart disease and tumor diseases caused by aging of the body;

(4) Protecting vision: Lutein acts as an antioxidant and photoprotective agent to promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in retinal cells, prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, and improve vision and protect vision. Particularly suitable for students, drivers and other people to eat;

(5) Relieve symptoms of visual fatigue: (obscured vision, dry eyes, eye swelling, eye pain, photophobia, etc.);

(6) Improve the pigment density of the macula, protect the macula, and promote the development of the macula;

(7) prevention of macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa;

(8) Reduce the production of drusen and prevent the occurrence of AMD.

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